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Complete List Of Features

All the Benefits of Card Ally Credit Card Protection included!

Identity Theft Response Unit will:

Assist victim by ordering and reviewing credit bureau records on your behalf
Review account activity to identify any suspicious activities
Investigate financial accounts where identity theft is suspected
Review and resolve victimís issues
Interact with law enforcement to pursue prosecution of criminals

The Identity fraud policy protects you by reimbursing for the following expenses up to $5000.00 ($250 deductible). See Certificate of Insurance for complete details of coverage:

Lost wages up to $500 per week for four weeks including wrongful incarceration
Costs for notarizing fraud affidavits or similar documents
Costs for certified mail
Loan application fees
Charges incurred for long distance telephone calls
Reasonable attorney fees incurred (with prior approval)

If you have any questions or would like to order by phone,
donít hesitate to call one of our member service representatives at
1-800-433-2349, Monday - Friday, 9AM Ė 5PM EST.